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Magic Calculator 2.7
Magic Calculator 2.7 | MacOSX | 2.2 MB

Magic Calculator is a scientific calculator that allows you to write your expressions in infix notation. A Magic Calculator document looks like a text editor. Each line of the text is a calculation. Just type expressions and get immediately the results. If you make a change, everything is automatically updated. It also allows you to define variables and functions of one or more variables. With the function plotter, you can visualise the graph of the functions you have defined.

Magic Calculator 2.7

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The following features are supported:
• Write calculations in natural notation
• High precision calculations
• Trigonometric functions (in radian or degree)
• Variables and functions
• Save and print documents
• Function plotter
• Help page

What's New in Version 2.7

• Improved management of calculation errors (square root of negative number, divide per 0, etc.)
• Fixed a crash that may occur when using trigonometric functions in degrees or gradians

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Magic Calculator 2.7

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